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Puppy Preschool

The primary focus of Puppy Preschool is socialization, cooperative care, enrichment, and short periods of play. Puppies will learn to be confident with their environment; participate in veterinary care, grooming, and home care necessities without a fuss; and learn appropriate ways to entertain themselves. Puppy problem areas such as house training, crate training, jumping, pulling, nipping, and barking will also be addressed.

  • Who Should take this Class? All puppies ages 8 – 16 weeks at the start of their first class.
  • Prerequisite: None!
  • How Long? Once a week for five weeks, each class lasts approximately 45 minutes.
  • Cost: $125 
  • Upcoming Classes
    (Classes run February – May and August – November)
    This class is open enrollment so you can start at any time! Please allow yourself 24 hours to complete the online orientation that will be emailed to you prior to starting class.
    Tuesdays at 6:30 PM – Hound Huddle

Private Training

I have been a trainer for many years but it is no longer how I make my living. Because of this, I am particular about which clients I take on, as I want to focus on cases that allow me to make the most impact and build lasting relationships with my clients and their dogs.

I want to train with people who are committed to their dogs. Dogs are family members, not just pets, and should be given the time and energy that any family member deserves. The issue that you are facing with your dog is likely impossible to completely isolate,as there are many different factors that go into shaping behavior and all of those factors should be addressed in order to best resolve the concern. Conversely, there are often elements that we, as the humans, need to change rather than putting that responsibility on the dog.

Potential clients that would be a good fit for me would meet the following criteria:
1. Want to develop a long-term relationship with their trainer
2. Want to take the time their dog needs to work through concerns rather than focus on “getting it done” as quickly as possible
3. Are committed to positive reinforcement based training methods and will not employ adversive training techniques or tools such as electric shock collars (including electric/invisible fences), prong collars, choke chains, shaker cans, etc
4. Willingness to consider and try recommendations that may go against advice you have heard in the past
5. Understanding that behavior modification and training is not a “one size fits all” process and some things we try might not work for your dog, but we will modify and adjust as needed

What you can expect from me:
1. Weekly in-person training sessions with quick response to any email or phone inquiries between sessions
2. Commitment to you and your pet through investing the time you need from me in regards to developing training plans, research, and outside of session advice
3. Honesty regarding difficult subjects and the recommendation of other professionals who may provide supplemental support or even provide a better fit for your needs

We will take a look at your dog’s progress on a month-by-month basis, rather than me recommending a set number of sessions. It is impossible for me to determine exactly how long it will take for us to resolve your concerns because while a lot of behavior problems are common, each dog is different and the journey we take to resolution is never the same. Often times when we dictate a number of sessions, the result is a dog that is “good enough to live with” but not resolved to the best of our abilities. I want to work with clients who want their resolution.

If you are interested in setting up a consultation with me, send me an email at janna@pawsandeffect.pet


Pet Sitting

We are not currently taking new pet sitting clients.