Pet Sitting + Vet Tech Services

At-Home Services

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Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting with us consists of a visit to your home, once, twice, or three times daily. This visit includes (as applies) feeding, medicating, a short walk or playtime, litter box cleaning, cage or crate cleaning, taking garbage to the curb, watering plants, and bringing in daily mail.

$17 per visit standard for approximately 15 minutes

$22 per visit for 30 minutes.

$35 per visit for 60 minutes.

An additional $5 fee may be added for services provided on holidays or peak periods.

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Dog Walking

Dog Walks with us consists of a visit to your home once daily to exercise your dog. These visits must be on a continual weekly schedule in order to qualify for the discounted prices listed below, otherwise they will be considered a pet sitting visit.

1-2 visits may be cancelled per month by 9 AM of the day the walk is taking place (or by 8 PM of the night before if the walk takes place before 10AM). The credit from cancelled walks will be used toward your next month’s bill.

1-4 Times Per Week
$15 per approximately 10 minute visit

5 Times Per Week
$13 per approximately 10 minute visit

1-4 Times Per Week
$22 per 30 minute visit

5 Times Per Week
$20 per 30 minute visit

1-4 Times Per Week
$35 per 60 minute visit

5 Times Per Week
$32 per 60 minute visit

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Not your typical dog walking service. With these appointments we work on polite leash walking and attention skills while your pet gets the exercise that he or she needs.

2 Times Per Week
$60 ($30/visit)

3 Times Per Week
$75 ($25/visit)

5 Times Per Week
$100 ($20/visit)

Sign up for any continual weekly dog walking when Walk-and-Train is complete and receive 15% off WaT price! (Applied as a credit toward dog walking when WaT program is complete, must purchase one month of dog walking through Paws & Effect to recieve credit).

Add-On Services

Cleaning dog ears

Grooming / Health

Other services that can be provided as separate appointments ($17 house call) or added on while pet sitting include the following:

  • Nail trims $15
  • Ear cleaning $8
  • Anal gland expression $15
  • Subcutaneous fluids * $10
  • Medication administration * $8
  • and more, just ask!
    * Included in the pet sitting fee if done while you are away

Please note that any listed prices are for appointments made in Oregon, WI. Any town or city outside of Oregon will be subject to a travel fee of $0.50 per mile to the destination.