Terms of Service

  • Payment by cash, check, paypal, or in-person credit card transaction is due in full at the time services are rendered for training appointments and seven days in advance for pet sitting. Payment for daily dog walking service is due by the 5th of the month of service. Payment for pet sitting requests over the holidays or other busy times (such as spring break) is required at the time of booking before your place will be held.
  • There will be a $35.00 service charge for each returned check.
  • A late fee of 20% will be added to unpaid invoices after 30 days.
  • Clients with a history of late payment are required to pay all fees up front (prior to first day of service) before any services can be provided.
  • Because scheduling is on a first-come-first-serve basis, we may have turned away other potential clients in order to accommodate your request. Please let us know as soon as possible if you will no longer need our services. If you are canceling less than a week in advance, you may be responsible for all or part of the pet sitting or training fee.
  • Early returns: 0% refund
    Holidays: 0% refund
    0-48 hours: 0% refund
    3-7 days: 75% refund
    8+ days: 100%
  • Credit for daily dog walks canceled by 9 am of the normal scheduled walk will be transferred to the next month for up to two walks.
  • Dog training group classes are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis. Your place in the class will not be held until payment is received. Because class sizes are kept small for individual attention, we may have been required to turn away other potential clients to save your spot. No refunds will be given.
  • All pets must be up to date on their rabies vaccination prior to services provided.
  • Group classes also require DHPP and Bordetella vaccinations and proof must be submitted prior to attending class. Your pet should be up to date on their monthly heartworm prevention and flea/tick preventative. Leptospirosis and Influenza vaccinations are highly recommended, but not required.

Before pet sitting services begin we request either two sets of working keys or one key and one alternate method of entry to your home (such as a garage code). Although this has never happened to us, a backup key is invaluable if the original key is accidentally lost or broken, so care of your pets can continue as scheduled. If you prefer not to keep your keys on file with us, there will be an additional fee for key pick up and return in the amount of $5 per key transport. You may also arrange to pick up or drop off your key at Village Animal Clinic in Oregon.

Please let us know if there will be other persons entering and leaving your home such as friends, neighbors, relatives, or other service persons. Paws & Effect is not liable/responsible for any damages to property, security of the premises, loss of personal property, or the health and welfare of the pets, to include disappearance or death, if any other individuals have access to the client’s home or premises, unless such loss or damage is caused by the negligent act of Paws & Effect.

Please let us know if your pet will have unsupervised access to the outdoors while you are away such as through a dog door to the yard. Paws & Effect is not liable/responsible for the safety, death, injury, disappearance or other legal consequences of any pet with unsupervised access to the outdoors at the client’s request.

Client will provide at least one, reliable emergency contact (family member, friend, neighbor) who can care for their pet in the event of an emergency that could prevent the pet sitter from providing care (including, but not limited to, accidents, illness, road closures, weather)

In the event of severe inclement weather, Paws & Effect will make every effort to drive to your home. The service scheduled may be changed, interrupted, or altered due to circumstances. If it is NOT possible to drive to your home, your emergency contact (as per the information given by you), will be notified. You will then be notified that the above mentioned contingency plan has been activated.